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Men`s Health
Super P-Force
Active ingredient: Sildenafil dapoxetine

Super P-Force is produced by the outstanding Indian company in the world of the pharma mart, named Sunrise Remedies. Now, one will escape from the issues with the penile function and forget about unanticipated ejaculation. It's worth ordering Super P Force even when such a product is not prescribed to you, but you just plan to raise the quality of a lovemaking procedure to a higher level.

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Super P-Force 160mg
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Product Description

Super P-Force helps to strengthen the weakened potency, makes the erection more resistant and prolong the time of sexual intercourse.

Thanks to such properties, this drug improves the quality of sex and gives men the opportunity to make an indelible impression on the partner. Super P Force may be bought in a local pharmacy without a prescription, but because of the high cost of these tablets are better to be purchased online, there are prices are more affordable. Before using the product, it is recommended to read information about its properties, methods of taking, contra-indications and adverse effects. On the site, there is a detailed instruction to the Super P Force.

Product Compounds

These pills to increase the potency and prolong of sex contain two key chemicals, due to which it has a high efficacy. In the Super P Force, sildenafil is the first major component. It ensures achievement and maintenance of a persistent long-lasting erection. Super P Force also consists of dapoxetine, which performs an important role, namely - delays the onset of orgasm. Dapoxetine itself is prescribed for men who suffer from early ejaculation caused by the influence of various factors.

The concentration of sildenafil in the pill is 100 mg, and dapoxetine - 60 mg. In this mixture, the active substances give an unsurpassed result, returning men sexual stamina and allowing a long time to have sex, forgetting about their delicate problems.

Safety information

The tablet should be taken about an hour before entering into sexual contact. The effect of its application appears after 30-90 mins, the duration of action depends on the characteristics of physiology and some other factors. The product is administered orally, swallowed with water. The daily norm can be reduced by half at the discretion of the attending physician.

The simultaneous consumption of Super P Force with an alcohol is undesirable because alcohol can not only slow down the effect of the preparation but also cause the opposite effect, completely depriving the man of the opportunity to have sexual intercourse.

The pharmaceutical should not be used by people who have such health problems: severe hepatic pathology, serious heart, and vascular pathology, individual intolerance to the body of dapoxetine or sildenafil, nervous system disorders.

These pills are contraindicated for females and under-age representatives of the stronger sex. It is forbidden to simultaneously receive Super P Force with nitrate-containing products and antidepressants.

Side effects

Undesirable reactions of the body to the components of the medical remedy are poorly expressed and can be manifested by tides of blood to the face, queasiness, pain in the temple, giddiness. If the indicated daily amount of the pharmaceutical is consumed, the agent is well tolerated.

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